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BMPN engine

Drag & Drop establishment of exclusive, parallel, or dynamic business processes while integrating a round of approvals between internal and external organizational users, collecting and automatically completing data from tangential systems, creating digital forms, and driving tasks required for the business process by a representative or a core system. The process can begin from any digital point starting from the company’s portal or website of the end user (customers, suppliers, employees), web landing page, CRM, DWH, ERP systems as well as from a representative through individual or multiple sending.

Workflows panel displays the list of workflows related to the project. The page is accessible for users with “Project manager” and “Organization manager” permissions.

In the header of the page you can see buttons “+ New Workflow” and “Import From File”.

NameName of the workflow.
CreatedDate and time when the workflow was created.
UpdatedDate and time of the last update of the workflow.
ActiveStatus of the workflow, whether it is active or not.

The following options are available in the workflow screen:

  • Update already existing workflow by selecting it from the list and pressing the name.

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