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File Upload

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This control allows uploading files of any type, unless limited by file type.

Types and Validation

File nameAt the end of the process, the agent gets the uploaded file copy by mail.
You can set here a meaningful name for this file, for example “Israel_Israeli_Photo_Document_01234”. You can also add values ​​from the form input fields for the file name by using the “@” character with an ID of a form controller , for example @account_number. On a case that the file name uses an input from the form and this input was not entered, it will use a random file name.
If you won’t set anything here, the system will generate a random file name for you.
*Important: You cannot set the same file name for more then one upload file controller on the same template.
Accept file typesA file upload controller will accept the following file types by default: “pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, zip, txt”. It can be overwritten by entering the file types to the field.
For more information about default file types see “Session settings” under Project.
Maximum file sizeThe default is 1MB, maximum possible size: 5MB.
Add file to client emailWhen switched on, attachment will be added to client email. Attachment is added to client regardless of the control permission. For example a Workflow where a file upload control is permitted to only one client and not the other, event than the other client will also receive the attachment in email.
Default is false (not attached to client email)


In the Style tab, you can select the “Display button” option to show a different appearance of the controller. When the check box is selected the file cannot be downloaded or shown. Default is unselected.

When checking conditions on a file upload controller, the following options are displayed:

EmptyIf the file upload controller has no file uploaded.
Not EmptyIf there is any file uploaded in the controller.

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File Upload

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