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Notes for Release 4.6.0

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Over the past weeks we have been working on improvements to Cellosign platform. In this post you can see a list of what has been changed, updated, and/or what bugs have been fixed.

Release rollout schedule

  • Pre production [preprod.cellosign.com]: 18/5/23
  • Production [app.cellosign.com]: 01/06/23

New features & enhancements

Connectors filters

We have enhanced our connector functionality greatly to query and sort data from remote source based on complex conditions. Conditions can now meet any complexity of “AND/OR”, querying based on field types and compared with either fixed values or values already populated in a form. This option improves connector flexibility and to simplify connectors configuration.

More details in Integrating a connector.

Connector fields mapping

We have enhanced our data mapping for filling forms automatically. On top of building a formula for converting native datasets, we have added the ability to CONCATENATE values and into one string and also the ability to repeat those as many as records matches the query. For instance this feature will enable you configure a result that include first, last name and DOB for all account contacts. More details in Integrating a connector.

Client forms

We have enhanced client forms view with automatic redirecting to list of transactions after form has been submitted. Also added texts to navigation buttons for better usage.

Transaction board

We have added to Transaction board the new features to access Workflow and BPM processes:

  1. Click on “See Workflow” to open Workflow or BPM diagram.
  2. Click on search icon to filter list based on workflow/BPM unique key to get all related sessions
  3. Click on Copy icon to copy the aggregating key to your clipboard

Bug fixes

  1. On earlier releases search items on multiple selections in PDF documents was not enabled. Please see notes on configurations in List of values.
  2. Fixed issue with a display of conditions in a control group after modifying control ID.

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Notes for Release 4.6.0

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