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Custom PDF template

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In the HTML template it is possible to configure a unique header and footer for final PDF file under “Custom PDF template” section.

Custom header configurationWhen set to ON header editor will be opened.
Custom footer configurationWhen set to ON footer editor will be opened.

Header and footer have the same editor settings and the description below is relevant to both of them.

The editor supports different design tools such as:

  • Text style, format and size
  • Text and background color
  • Bold, Italic, Underline
  • Ranked and numbered lists including indents
  • Direction and alignment of the text
  • Links (website addresses / emails), etc

You can enter directly in the content editor by writing texts.

Header and footer configuration can use dynamic content from the form and project dataset such as name, logo.

Use the Placeholder button to attach values from project parameters, print parameters or template fields into header or footer.

Use the Barcode button to add the barcode to header or footer based on the value of the selected source field from the template.

It is possible to use the project logo and the template image in header and footer or to upload your own image.

When uploading the image first choose the file from the selected location.

Then go to Advanced tab and set width, height and alignment settings.

Click the Preview button to see the example of the page with your header and footer configurations.

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Custom PDF template

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