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Cellosign manages three types of user’s permissions:

AgentA user with agent permission can:
– Access the agent interface and management interface.
– Send a form or initiate a process [agent interface, dashboard screen].
– View actions sent by him only.
Project managerA user with this permission can do everything a user with agent permission can, plus:
– View all the actions in the project in which he is set as a manager.
– View and update the Project settings.
– Create and update Integrations.
– View Analytics data.
– Create and update Templates.
– Create and update Processes.
– Create and update Users.
– Perform Post Transactions from file.
– Create and update Dictionaries [linked lists], Tables and Categories.
– Create new dashboards with different widgets.
Organization managerA user with this permission can do everything that a user with project manager permission can do, plus:
– Create and update additional projects in the organization in which he manages.
– Set up SSO integration for providing user authentication.

In Cellosign, there is the option to create users and also the option to connect to Active Directory
systems, so the login process will take place as part of the corporate identification system.

In case that Cellosign is connected to the Active Directory system in your organization, the creation
of the user will be automatic, without the need to create the user in Cellosign as well.

Users panel

This panel can be used to view and locate existing users, add new users and set permissions.

Search box filterAllows searching by any text relevant to the user: name, email, phone number, etc
Select Project filterAllows searching by project. Relevant if the organization has several projects
“Search” buttonAllows searching after changing filters
+ Add ServiceAllows adding a new service
+ Add UserAllows adding a new user
ExportAllows exporting the list of users to the external .csv file

To update a user, select a user from the list. Perform the needed changes and press “Update User” button.

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