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Templates Sequence

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To explain the sequence of actions, consider the following example: a representative in the human resources department recruits a new employee for the position of software developer and a laptop should be issued for him.

Upon sending the employee intake form, we can use this screen to send a form to an IT representative in the organization only if a certain condition is met. In such a way the data from form A will be transferred to form B without the need for additional typing.

If so, form A is the form where we use templates sequence.

To activate the option of templates sequence, click on “+New”.

Template NameSelect a template from the list [in our example the template to send to the IT representative].
Select destinationSelect destination address to which the form will be sent:
– A value from an existing field in the form, a phone number or email.
– Current destination: the destination to which the current form was sent, a phone number or email [in our example, the new employee procedure form].
– No destination: usually implemented by an application for field personnel.
Select conditionSelect the condition (input field), if any, to activate the additional template. This field is not mandatory, so if the operation condition is not selected, it will be sent unconditionally.
If equalIf the condition is selected, select the value that will be applied to the condition. In the example above, a condition will be applied to the field “Position” and the value “Programmer”. In this way we activate an additional form that will be sent to the IT representative, only if a candidate has been accepted for a programmer position.

A new templates sequence can be added according to need, in a way that a separate form can reach the payroll department, etc.

Note: In order for data from form A to be transferred to form B, it should be maintained that the IDs of the controllers have the same value.

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Templates Sequence

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