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Notes for Release 4.1.82

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First and foremost we are happy to announce that we have been certified for both ISO-27001 & ISO-27799. As you probably aware, certification process requires lots of efforts to make sure we are working and abiding to information security’ best practices and standards in order to keep your data safe.

Nevertheless, we haven’t slowed down with enhancements and over the last weeks, we have been working on improvements to Cellosign platform. In this blog post, listed what has been changed, updated, and/or what bugs have been fixed.


Client Identity Verification

CIV module authenticates remote client identity, throughout comparing an official document such as ID or Driving License with a liveness test and a live selfie . The entire verification process is completely automated and does not require an agent intervention.

Read more about this feature on this post.

Image Upload and Compression

First, for your convenient, we have removed upload limitation on image upload file size.

And couple of notes on this change:

  1. All images uploaded to Cellosign are compressed and resolution is reduced to 1300px max (width/height)
  2. Mostly after compressions, image file tends to reduce up-to 1Mb. Please be aware to set up your APIs in case your forms use lots of image uploads

OTP screen re-design

One time password screen for clients has been re-designed now includes more engaging UI, Send again and post OTP to other location buttons.


  1. Transactions are now displaying list of destinations where invite posted to and not just the first destination
  2. Accessibility: PDF files generated from Cellosign are now compatible to be read automatically with NVDA screen reader
  3. Accessibility: Paragraph elements are now added with new attribute presentation used by assistive technologies
  4. Accessibility: Improve Monochrome and High contrast for accessibility mode
  5. Accessibility: Headings has been modified to adapt context hierarchy to headings:
    • Page heading defaults to H1. Styling options moved to page style tab
    • Section heading defaults to H2
    • Template/form heading has been modified with shorthand “…” case template name is too long
    • Logo on top is now hidden on mobile screen

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Notes for Release 4.1.82

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