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Notes for Release 4.7.4

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Over the past weeks we have been working on improvements to Cellosign platform. In this post you can see a list of what has been changed, updated, and/or what bugs have been fixed.

Release rollout schedule

  • Pre production [preprod.cellosign.com]: 17/08/23
  • Production [app.cellosign.com]: 23/08/23

New features & enhancements

Default date and date time to date control

Currently date control accepts a fixed date as a default value. With this release we have added the option to configure Date control to accept the date when transaction is generated. To configure current date apply “$now” to default value.

Salesforce formula editor

We have added into Salesforce “Percent” data type and now it can be edited and converted prior to propagation into form.

Enhancements to paragraph control

Added to new functionality to paragraph control:

  1. Input elements: Add input controls into paragraph.
  2. Placeholder: Add none-editable reference to other controls in the template

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Notes for Release 4.7.4

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