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Client could not submit a form. What to do?

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Step 1: check mandatory fields

First, check with the client if he has filled in all the mandatory fields in the form. If the mandatory fields are not filled in, the customer will not be given the opportunity to send the form.

In Cellosign, verification of the correctness of data is activated for certain fields.

Therefore, make sure that the mandatory fields are filled in according to the requirements. For example: ID field contains a proper 9-digit number, an email address in a proper format, a customer number in the accepted format, and so on.

In these cases, there is a red note under the field that the value entered to the field is incorrect.

Step 2: Check internet connection

If the client is still unable to send the form, it is recommended to check the Internet connection.

If the client’s internet connection is fine, there may be a problem with the application of the form.

Step 3: Check if submit size exceeded

Templates may include Image and File collection controls. Specifically files can get to 5Mb each. Assuming template has many controls to collect files and images, the entire submit might exceed Cellosign limit for maximum body size: On production the limit is set to 50Mb. On Pre-production environment the limit is set to 30Mb.

How to verify that this is the issue?

Open browser console and search for HTTP code 413 which implicates that this is indeed the problem.

How to resolve?

Reduce the amount of file and image collection and make sure to reduce the maximum weight allowed for each.

Step 4: Contact support

Please contact support in your organization, if issue is not resolved, your support should contact Cellosign support with the relevant details

If no problems were found in the form implementation, please contact Cellosign support.

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Client could not submit a form. What to do?

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