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Cellosign is a multi-tenant application, so it knows how to handle multiple clients (projects) in a way that produces complete separation between the various projects.

The advantage of a project is complete separation between users, templates, logs, interfaces, tokens and a separate repository for custom code.

The disadvantage of multiple projects for the client is mainly when using functionality that is not out-of-the-box because then in fact each project manages a separate code repository. Let’s take for example a case where requests from Cellosign to SMTP or SMS server must go through PROXY. In such a case, a specific code should be written for the proxy and be duplicated and maintained for each environment separately.

Moreover, the API for our interfaces include the project code in the URL, which means that the client will have to maintain several different repositories in order to communicate with the Cellosign servers.

If the main purpose of the separation is for access to templates and performed actions, you can use the functionality of teams because it allows you to associate users, templates and actions to a team.

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