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Business cases

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Use cases

  1. Ad hoc session with PDF parser


Ad hoc session with PDF parser

This is mostly a legacy use case where you might have PDF or word documents generated and you require that the client will receive the document and sign on one or two places and maybe accept some consent (using a checkbox). At the end of the process you require that the signed document will be delivered to your application through an API request.

What’s included in the sample?

  1. The sample includes base64 from PDF file.
  2. The PDF includes arbitrary texts that are used by Cellosign parser, see below in red, “consent” and “signature1”.
  1. Request markup that instructs the parser how to use these texts
  "template": {
    "analyze_document": {
      "analyze": true,
      "tags": {
        "signature1": {
          "type": "pad",
          "width": 7,
          "height": 5,
          "show": true
            "type": "checkbox",
            "width": 2,
            "height": 2,
            "show": true
    "from_document": "JVBERi0xLjUNJe..."

The markup above instruct Cellosign parser to search for the text “signature1” and transform it to a signature pad in that exact position where it’s found. It also instruct the parser to search for the string “consent” and place a checkbox right in that position.

It’s recommended that when using in production the texts on the PDF file will be in transparent font.

  1. Ad hod archive integration
"integrations": [
        "type": "archive",
        "payload": {
              "url": "http://point.to.api.com/endpoint"

This markup instruct Cellosign to archive the sign PDF back to an API. See more detail in archive documentation


You may consider changing the scenarios to updated user experience using HTML templates, where personal data can be injected, other data can be collected from the client and signed and accessible PDF is generated at the end of the process, With so many more options available.

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