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Release management

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Release management is our process to introduce new versions of Cellosign. Typical release include:

  1. New features
  2. Bug fixes
  3. Maintenance and upgrades to software components
  4. Adaptation to regulations and compliance requirements
  5. Performance related changes

We are releasing approximately 6 new versions of Cellosign every year. That is every other month.

What a release cycle looks like?

Each release includes the following steps and thresholds. Each cycle is a two months lapse time starting from step 2 to step 7.

Step#StepDescriptionLapse time
1AssembleCollect and prioritize release requirements. Bugs and security issues prioritized higher
2DocumentationBuild supporting documentation for development and testing1 week
3Requirements freezeA stage we are not receiving new requirements to release unless it’s a critical bug or security related0
4DevelopmentDevelopment of release content3 weeks
5Internal test cyclesIncluding: Regression, Automated and manual tests for bug and new features, security, compliance and vulnerabilities test3 weeks
6Beta releaseReleasing beta version to cloud pre-production environment were our clients may also conduct acceptance testing and report us findings. 1 week
7ProductionReleasing version to shared cloud production environment0

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Release management

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