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Cellosign inbound APIs specifications are documented in API documentation (OpenApi). This document includes reference and Postman samples to get a quick jump-start.

This folder includes samples for:

  1. Business cases
  2. Dictionary management using APIs

On each page download collection and import it to your local postman.

How to use Postman collection?

The collection includes list of scenarios, To run these scenarios you will be required to setup couple of variables.

After importing the collection, click on the variables section and edit the following items:

  1. project: enter the id of your project. To locate project id login to Cellosign application, your project id appears on the top right, next to your name
  2. token: enter your user token. To locate token, login to Cellosign application, click on the top right corner on your name and click “Profile”. scroll to the bottom, click “Show token” and copy the content.

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