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How do I know that the client has submitted the form?

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There are three ways to check if the client has submitted the form:

  • Verification from Dashboard.
  • Verification from Processes screen.
  • Verification online from the Show Agent screen.

Verification from Dashboard

In Dashboard screen there is a section called “Submitted” where you can see all the forms that were submitted by clients in last 24 hours.

For more information about Dashboard interface read here.

Verification from Processes screen

There is another way to check if a client has submitted the form, for any user with agent or project manager permissions.

In Processes screen there is a column with the title “Submitted” and there you can check date and time when the client submitted the form.

For more information about Processes interface read here.

Verification online

A representative from the organization works in screen sharing with a remote person online. The work is done on top of Show Agent interface.

At the end of the process after the client completed and submitted the form the green indicator will appear at the bottom of the screen at the agent side for a short time.

For more information about Show Agent interface read here.

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How do I know that the client has submitted the form?

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