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Data mapping and conversions

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This document include data mapping and conversions made when fetched from remote data source into Cellosign forms. It includes all types of data sources: Applications, such as Salesforce and Databases, such as MSSQL.

Conversion is being made regardless of the primitive features of data source. For instance in Salesforce Date time is formatted as ISO-8601 string, MSSQL has it’s proprietary format. Regardless of the source, Cellosign will made available mapping and conversions for you disposal as listed in this document.


Conversions are only made when mapping is being made using “Formula” editor. In any other case the primitive will be fetched and displayed as is.

Make sure to map data to the correct form field type in case that field is being made available for your client. For example if a date field is fetched and converted into a form field and client can edit it, it will be better be mapped to date field so the format can be consistently retained.

Mapping and conversions

PrimitiveConversion and format optionNotes and examples
NumberCeil. Rounds a number UP to the nearest integer,Ceil(1.1) = 2
Ceil(-7.004) = -7
Floor. Rounds a number DOWN to the nearest integerFloor(1.1) = 1
Floor(-7.004) = -8
Currency format float. Thousands separator with 2 decimal digits123456.7 converted to: 123,456.70
Currency format integer. Thousands separator with no decimal digits123456.7 converted to: 123,456
DateEU date format. dd/mm/yyyy28/02/2022
US date format. mm/dd/yyyy 02/28/2022
EU/US short month name. dd MMM yyyy 02 FEB 2022
EU date time format. dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm28/02/2022 23:35
US date time format. mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm02/28/2022 11:35PM
EU short month name date time format dd MMM yyyy hh:mm02 FEB 2022 23:35
US short month name date time format dd MMM yyyy hh:mm02 FEB 2022 11:35AM

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Data mapping and conversions

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