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Registrar of Companies integration

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This integration allows to validate the company ID when user fills the form. There’s a public GOV API available that exposes data of Israeli companies, including: ID, name, status etc..

Company ID validation includes two steps: creating a WebHook integration and configuring a connector from the template side.

In order to create WebHook integration in the Cellosign system go to “Integrations” screen and press “+Add” under “WebHook” section:

AliasAdd the alias name (any value).
TypeSelect the type “Request when form field was changed”.
Use implicitlySet the Use implicitly to ON.
URLAdd the following URL:
TimeoutDefault: 30

All the other parameters should not be changed, default values will be used.

Save and press “Test” button to verify connection with the WebHook server.

From the template side need to add relevant fields and change their IDs according to the table below:

company_idCompany ID field – can be Text, Number or ID controllers.
company_hebrew_nameCompany name in Hebrew.
company_english_nameCompany name in English.
company_existsCheck if the company exists. Returned values: true or false.
company_statusThe status of the company.

Company ID field example:

Company English name field example:

Go to “Integrations tab” and press “+Add Live Connector” under Connectors section:

In the Source field select the created WebHook integration.

Set the Trigger action on “Change” of the company ID field or use “Click” action in case of button.

Map the company fields from the template. Alias will be completed automatically according to the field ID.

In the client side when entering the Company ID value all the other fields will be completed automatically with the returned values from the Registrar of Companies API.

For more information about templates options click here.

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Registrar of Companies integration

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