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Post signed document to agentIf this option is checked, an agent that sent the action to the customer will receive a signed copy of the documents to their email address (PDF, Meta file and attached files). Archive failed messages also will be sent to this address.
Default: Checked
E-mail addresses to send signed docsPermanent email addresses that will receive signed documents (PDF, Meta file and attached files) from all the templates in the system. These addresses will be added in addition to the addresses defined in the template. Archive failed messages also will be sent to these addresses.
Send logs and errors to this addressPermanent email addresses that will receive system errors.
Client mail to reply e-mails toCompany’s email address for correspondence that comes out of the Cellosign application such as signed copies for customers.
The address is used as a reply to if the customer replies to the email.
Phone number/Text that appears as the SMS senderNumber or name that will appear as a sender in messages. The text should be Latin characters only, upper case and without spaces.

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Messages settings

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