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About To Expire

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This section allows you to see all the transactions to be expired.

It is possible to perform search or filter by expiration time. Default: 48 hours.

At the end of each line there is a menu with additional options.

Extend validity

Press “Extend validity” to extend the expiration time of the form.


In order to send reminders to the client select “Reminder” in the additional options menu. Add new destination or select an existing destination, add the message and press “Confirm” button.

Show Agent

Press “Show Agent” to open the transaction from the agent side.

For more information about “Show Agent” read here.

Show workflow

This option will appear only for the workflow and for the template with recipients.

Select “Show workflow” from the list to see the workflow status.


In order to delete the transaction from the list press “Delete” in the additional options menu.

The confirmation message will appear for approval.

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About To Expire

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