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Notes for Release 4.5.0

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Over the past weeks we have been working on improvements to Cellosign platform. In this post you can see a list of what has been changed, updated, and/or what bugs have been fixed.

New features & enhancements

Enhancements to paragraph control

  1. Added option for nested numbering, i.e. 1, 1.1, 1.2 etc.. with configuration
  2. Added option to display text in columns (similar to news paper) using configuration

Note: this features requires activation. Submit ticket to our support to apply.

Enhancements to table control

Table control was added with:

  1. Design options to control Font size and cell padding, Alignment
  2. Automatically add prefix and suffix to cells
  3. Improved responsive by automatically collapse rows in case table is wider then view

Connector data mapping enhancements

We have added new features for mapping of data objects from remote sources:

  1. Conversion of numbers
  2. Representation and format to numbers
  3. Representation and format to dates

For more details see Data mapping and conversions.

Connector description

Descriptions for connectors have been improved to provide better visibility on the connector content.

  1. Heading texts improved to include reference to objects in remote data source
  2. Ability to add description on connector level

Data tables enhancements

  1. Improved usage with format text switcher to display or hide text styling for clear view on content
  2. Row editor is fixed for easier navigation
  3. On paragraph connectors we added the ability to override border display. See more details in data tables

Faster SEAL document

SEAL API is used to create sealed (closed) PF documents without user intervention. We have improved this feature to response faster by 50%. This features requires activation. Submit ticket to our support to apply.

Salesforce package enhancements

We have added new methods to Salesforce package:

  1. SEAL: Create signed documents
  2. Delete: Revoke transaction

See more details in Salesforce guide

Apply signatures at bottom of PDF pages

Normally when using HTML template to produce signed PDF documents, signatures like any other form element are applied per relative position on the PDF result. With this release we have added the ability to create Signature controls that can be applied to the bottom of the signed PDF. See more details in Signature documentation.

This features requires activation. Submit ticket to our support to apply.

Bug fixes

  1. On earlier releases landscape documents could be uploaded for which the result could have contain errors in signed documents. To prevent that, we have added an error response when landscape PDF document is uploaded with an API or agent application


Cloud migration

As previously announced, an upgrade to our cloud infrastructure (migrate to Azure) in production is planned at 23/4.

As a result of the upgrade our IP addresses will also be changed.

This is a list of current production IP and new infrastructure IPs:

SegmentCurrent IPNew Ips
Requests to https://app.cellosign.com, i.e. login, API request for new sessions
Requests from Cellosign for Outgoing requests are API, Webhooks, SMTP, FTP, SSO and all custom integrations that submitted from Cellosign to your infrastructure.
The new infrastructure includes only one IP that serve as a proxy for outbound traffic.

Please make sure to list the new IPs before the planned migration date 24/03/2023 to prevent service blockage.

As soon as the IP addresses have been whitewashed, please submit a service request to set up a joint inspection date.

Make sure the new IP addresses are enabled before the test. We recommend for a joint test as soon as possible.

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Notes for Release 4.5.0

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