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Notes for Release 4.2.0

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Over the past weeks we have been working on improvements to Cellosign platform. In this post you can see a list of what has been changed, updated, and/or what bugs have been fixed.

New features & enhancements

Salesforce integration

With this release we are very happy to introduce you with Salesforce integration to Cellosign. This feature opens up a world of new possibilities were the entire digital journey can be implementation with no APIs on the client can be carried out with APIs integration. Simply couple Cellosign and Salesforce, configure what data is connected for two ways integration.

For more information please visit Connectors and Salesforce documentation pages.

Geo location

Added ability for Geo coding client location that includes a visible map, inserting an address or location manually or automatically with Client GPS or IP when applicable. Read more

Passwords vulnerability check

In addition to the regular passwords complexities, two-factor authentication we have applied additional security layer that check passwords renewals and passwords for new users with an internal vulnerable passwords database. When a user applying new password, password will first match the complexity and length according to your organization requirements and than match the password with passwords known to be vulnerable.

Underline placeholder for empty fields

New design option added to entry fields. Checking this option will include an underline where input value is empty. This is specially helpful when you need the final PDF result will show an empty value. To set this option:

  1. Click on template field
  2. Click on Design tab
  3. Check “Apply underline in result PDF when field has no value”

Note: This option is available for field of type: text, number, select, textarea, paragraph, date, pad, date, email, phone only.

Email on Archive errors

On previous version we have added a feature that post Email to configured recipients notifying them regards failed archive. Within this release we have incorporated meta data file that includes identical content and structure to data which was pushed through the API.

Note: We advise you not to use the meta data from email to your application from number of reasons:

  1. Email servers are typically rendering files content, encoding etc
  2. We can’t always be sure regards the failure reason so you may consider the meta data file as unsafe

As a result of the notes above we will not be able to support cases where meta data from email is failed to upload into your APIs.


  1. #DEV-1052: Archive error notification in email are now posted with updated archive structure
  2. #BUG-1173: Signature padding on HTML to PDF when additional field on same column is now fixed
  3. #BUG-1351: Redirect URL at the end of session fail to redirect
  4. #BUG-1477: Client form screen fail to render data fields but instead display fields id

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Notes for Release 4.2.0

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