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Notes for Release 4.8.0

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Over the past weeks we have been working on improvements to Cellosign platform. In this post you can see a list of what has been changed, updated, and/or what bugs have been fixed.

Release rollout schedule

  • Pre production [preprod.cellosign.com]: xx
  • Production [app.cellosign.com]: yy

New features & enhancements

Heads-up for using iframe

Over the past year browser providers were and still consistently preventing and deprecating usage of iframes. Technology wise the prevention is about blocking cookies and outbound communications from the guest. Eventually, it is widely accepted, that iframe technology will be deprecated all together sooner or later.

Although Cellosign allows to deploy views in iframes, we encourage you to adapt other methods. Sooner the better.

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Notes for Release 4.8.0

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