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Payment integration

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Before creating an integration with the Cellosign system, the integrity of the terminal must be checked against Credit Guard.Get the login information from Credit Guard and perform a terminal health check on the payment page.

In order to create payment integration in the Cellosign system go to “Integrations” screen and press “+Add” under “Payment” section:

Basic settings

AliasAdd the alias name (any value).
TypeSelect the Type – “Credit Guard MPI”.
LanguageSelect the language. Default: HEB.
CurrencySelect the currency. Default: ILS.

Terminal settings

Note: the following information must be obtained from the payment service provider.

server_urlAdd the payment server address.
terinalNumberAdd the terminal number.
protocolVersionAdd the protocol version, default 2000.
midAdd MID details.

    Authentication settings

    UserAdd a valid user name to the payment interface.
    PasswordAdd a valid password.

    Save and press “Test” button to verify connection with your payment server.

    For more information about the implementation of the Payment controller click here.

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    Payment integration

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