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Accessibility statement

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An accessible website is a website that allows people with disabilities and older people to view a web page with the same level of efficiency and enjoyment as other user. About 20 to 25 percent of the population encounter difficulties using the Internet and may benefit from more accessible Internet content. We at Republix believe in and works for equal opportunities in the Internet space for those with various disabilities and/or who use assistive technologies to use a computer, tablets and mobile devices.

Website accessibility

The site provides the general public with accessible content as much as possible. We work to update and implement the accessibility rules as much as possible, in accordance with the principles of the accessibility standard.

Republix form content are tested with NVDA screen readers on top of the following browsers on their latest editions


This website complies with the requirements of the Equal Rights Regulations for people with disabilities (accessibility adjustments to the service), the website complies with the recommendations of the Israeli standard [5568] for content accessibility on the Internet at AA level.

How to browse the site with accessible mode

Open the menu at the top of the page and toggle on “Activate accessibility”.

When activated, form entries and texts will display a distinct border when elements are on focus.

You can navigate forward using the TAB button. To navigate back, press the SHIFT + TAB key combination.

To get the best browsing experience with screen reader software, we recommend using the latest NVDA software.

Changing colors

From the top menu toggle :Monochrome” to change the site’s colors for for comfortable and easy reading.

Known issues

There are currently no known accessibility issues on the site.

Did you encounter a problem with the site?

Please submit a ticket to our support team and we will be happy to help.

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Accessibility statement

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