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Getting Started

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Hello and welcome, we are happy to introduce you with Cellosign, First let’s get the basics.

What is Cellosign?

Cellosign is a data collection application which can help you easily and securely collect data in shape of forms. From the end client point of view this is as simple as form where pieces of data are injected into, validated and submitted. Cellosign is able to collect and validate data in any conceivable method, as simple as make sure that ID number is correct or with complex cases validating data with remote application to ensure data integrity.

But wait there’s so much more..

With Cellosign you will be able to easily configure a complete journey that involves multiple recipients along the way. For example a journey that starts with a remote-client, continue to back office for further inspections can be automated with simple as drag and drop and clicks.

Cellosign is easily integrated with 3rd party applications through APIs and Application connectors to GET, UPDATE, CREATE or DELETE data records in a remote source.

Where do I go from here?

We strongly advise you to read the documentation within the Getting started guide, it includes important information regards getting support, best practices that can get you up to speed with no hassle. Next, for your convenience, our documentation is organized by User Application components, so just pick up the documentation according to your role and your tasks.

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Getting Started

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