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A template editor comes with the option of customizing CSS and JAVASCRIPT.

It is allowed to use these options with caution and after performing the required comprehensive tests.

Note: Templates that contain CSS and JAVASCRIPT code are not supported as part of the service’s maintenance and support.

Javascript component in the template can be used to generate various events: for example, integration with analytics systems for the purpose of measuring events.

Cellosign includes a test option when sending the form that does not depend on the out-of-the-box application, so it is possible, for example, to validate some data before sending the form.

To activate this validation, create a “custom_submit” function in the Javascript panel of the template editor to generate a relevant error message and return true or false, so the process of sending the form will stop.

As noted in the Stylesheet, CLASS or ID elements can be used at the controller level.

It is recommended to use native Javascript, but you can also use jQuery.

Note: each textual controller includes an option for REGEX Validation, so it can be used at the controller level without code. For more information see “Controller editor”.

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