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SMS are typically used when posting invitations to clients, reminders and also as an evidence for processing at the end of client engagement.

Cellosign is typically bundled with SMS out of the box service, however, in case your organization requires to explicitly integrate with your own provider you are able to easily configure top SMS providers such as: inforu, bezeq, 019 and unicell with configuration only.

Case you require additional provider, let us know.

Why do I need this?

In case your organization requires to have tight control on outbound SMS for any reason such as regulatory, you may add your provider as plugged in SMS integration. Once done, all SMS traffic for your project will consume your integration.

Note that SMS integration is deployed per project and not organization. Case you need custom integration for all your organization projects, this has to be done one by one. Also you may add as many SMS integration as you need for purpose of fallback. For example assume you have configured SMS1 and SMS2 with different providers, in case SMS1 will not respond, Cellosign will automatically fire off SMS2 integration.

Note: SMS failure means that an error response received from the SMS provider. It doesnt mean if message was arrived to recipient or not.

Setting up SMS integration

To add SMS integration, follow these steps:

  1. At the dashboard click integrations
  2. locate SMS integration pane
  3. click “Add”
FieldWhat it’s for?
AliasProvide an alias for integration
SenderInsert name that will appear as sender on SMS. Be aware that some countries has limitations on sender name. Typically phone numbers and digits are prohibited. Please consult with your provider regards this issue.
Integration providerSelect your provider from the list
UserInsert user name provided by your SMS provider
PasswordInsert pasword provided by your SMS provider. In case inforu provider is selceted, you also have the option to use Inforu API token authentication. Your token goes into password.

Save the integration and test it by entering phone number under “Recipient” and click “Test”.

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