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Cellosign includes the ability to post emails to users and clients for purpose of invitations, reminders, alerts etc. On cloud installations we use 3rd party providers to post and manage email traffic.

Using our integrations you are able to integrate and deploy SMTP service of your organization.

Why do I need this?

There are number of reasons to integrate with your organization SMTP:

  1. Emails from cellosign are posted with cellosign’s sender such as “invite@cellosign.com”. Using custom SMTP will control the sender and better service to your clients
  2. Have tighter control on outbound email traffic and content

You can add as many SMTP as you need to serve as fallback. For example, assume there are SMTP1 and SMTP2 integrations. In case SMTP1 fail to respond, Cellosign will automatically try to send it with SMTP2 integration. Also see below fallback option to trigger Cellosign SMTP service in case of failure.

Setting up SMTP

Follow these steps to add SMTP integration:

  1. At the dashboard click integrations
  2. locate SMTP integration pane
  3. click “Add”
FieldWhat it’s for?
AliasProvide an alias for integration
SenderInsert name that will appear as sender on Email. sender can be formatted for RFC 5322 specifics, for example: “Your company <email@company.com>”
System wide fallbackIf fallback is turned then in case your SMTP fail to respond it will trigger Cellosign SMTP to make sure your emails to recipients will be posted.
HostInsert host address or IP
PortInsert port.
* Note that Port 25 is considered harmful and it is not supported on cloud instalations
SSLSwitch SSL on or off as required by your SMTP protocol
TLSSwitch TLS on or off as required by your SMTP protocol
AuthenticationSelect type of authentication: Simple, SASL XAUTH2, No Auth (See below)
SecretIn case od SASL select secret from “Client secret” pane
UserInsert user name
PasswordInsert password. In case of SASL password is produced via secret integration

Save the integration and test it by entering email address under “Recipient” and click “Test”.

Authentication types

“Simple” use the standard SMTP protocol for Authentication and require user and pasword”Simple use the standard SMTP protocol for Authentication and require user and pasword

“SASL XAUTH2” option is a secured way to Authenticate mainly SMTP requests with services such as GMAIL, Office exchange etc.

To use SAL XAUTH2 option, first you will need to define the Authentication method through secret integration and then connect your SMTP resource with the authentication. Note that regardless of Authentication method, the service is integrated over SMTP protocol to post emails.

“No Auth” method does not require authentication at all. Be advised that this is not a recommended approach. In case your SMTP relay has no other way to connect with authentication please make sure to whiten relevant Cellosign IPs.

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