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A date controller type allows to select a date or a date and time. When accessibility is activated, the date is hidden and only keyboard input is allowed.

Add “$now” to default value in order to inject the date (or date time) that the transaction has been created into the field.

Select the “Add Time” check box to add both date and time. By default the checkbox is unchecked.

It is possible to apply limits on the minimum and maximum date.

In the example above, the date controller will allow dates that are less than one month older than today and less than tomorrow.

If we want to apply birth date selection and make sure the age is at least 18 years, we will enter “-18” in the “Maximum date” in the “Years” field.

“Date format” field is used to choose the date and time format.

When checking conditions on a date type controller, the following options are displayed:

Greater thanAfter a date
Less thanEarlier than a date

Input control for validation accepts a format to calculate future or past against current date, for example make sure that contact is at least 18 years old. In the example above the parameter is set to “-18y”. As result, the dependency will be activated if the value in the date field is earlier than 18 years ago.

The possible values ​​for this field are: “y” for year, “m” for month, “w” for week and “d” for day, all in positive or negative values.

User experience

Date and time needs to be actively selected. To capture current date and time, user requires to select “Now” or “Today” (when time is required as well). Default selection time is “00:00”

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