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Values & Display

Show counter buttonsUse this option to display buttons that allow the user to increase or decrease the field value on click.
Counter stepsEnables skipping according to the specified value when pressed.
Default: 1

This is how the controller will be displayed on the user screen:

Types and Validation

Built-in TypesSelect data check from the list – ID number or company number. The controller will verify if the entered number is correct.
Minimum/MaximumThe controller will verify that the entered value is according to the values entered in Minimum and Maximum fields.
Field’s value Must be
To Value in This field
The controller will verify if the field value meets a condition against other number fields in the form.

Conditional permissions

When checking conditions on a number type controller, the following options are displayed:

Greater thanIf the number controller is greater than the entered value.
Less thanIf the number controller is less than the entered value.
EqualIf the number controller is exactly equal to the entered value.
Not EqualIf the number controller is not equal the entered value.
EmptyIf the number controller has no value.
Not EmptyIf there is any value in the controller.

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