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Cellosign includes comprehensive set of RESTful API for both inbound and outbound traffic. The underlying concept is that the client core applications (such as CRM/ERP applications) are the system-of-proof. Meaning it is well informed by Cellosign regards business process activities.

Let’s take for example an on boarding process that involves clients, back office and specialists that are attached to the process given the right conditions. Cellosign is perfectly able to report a status of each station as the process progress both by pull (querying) or by pushing it into your core app at the time of event.

How does it happen?

When a core application starts new business process (any) with an API call, it receives in response process keys specific to the process. Based on that set of keys, you will be able to pull data from Cellosign regards the process status. Also, if configured, our outbound API (aka webhooks) can post the data to the CRM

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