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Controller group

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It is possible to create a group of controllers with the same basic settings and conditional permissions.

In order to create the group go to the Control Group tab under the template editor and press “Add Group” button.

Press Edit button and add the group name.

Click on the controllers in the template to be added to the same group. They will be marked green in the template and will be shown under the group in the right pane.

Press Settings button and add basic settings and conditional permissions that will be applied to all the controllers in the same group.

In the example below the fields ID, Email, Phone and Signature will be shown to the client and will be required and editable only when the check box is selected and the Full name is not empty.

Client side before the conditions are met:

Client side after the conditions are met:

To remove the controller from the group click on it in the template or use the trash button. The green mark will be removed from the field and it will not be shown under the group in the right pane.

Note: the removed from the group controller will save the group definitions and need to be changed or removed manually.

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Controller group

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