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Notes for Release 4.1.83

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Over the past weeks we have been working on improvements to Cellosign platform. In this blog post, you can see a list of what has been changed, updated, and/or what bugs have been fixed. Some of the highlights for this release are:

A) Visibility: We’re continuously investing lots of efforts to collect, provision and deliver to you quality heads up on errors. This release includes automatic notification on errors and ability to report directly from application console onto our ticket system while collecting valuable information that can save time on turn-around.

B) Consistency: Several changes has been made to ensure inbound and outbound data with external applications is exchanged timely and accurately. Both SMS and Email default providers has been replaced to provide consistent service. New services our complied with ISO-27001, ISO-27799 and GDPR standards.


Errors notifications

As part of our efforts for consistency we have published a tool that will alert closed circle of application administrators to receive email notifications regards errors in business processes.

Errors may occur from time to time as result of incorrect process configurations, connectivity with 3rd party applications or issues with software. Rest assure we are constantly monitoring business processes on our monitors. When an issue occurs admins will receive an email with as much information as possible to extract  from Cellosign in order to complete process manually so valuable data will not be comporomised.

For example, a business process is completed, Cellosign is failed to transmit the product to an API [i.e signed pdf, attachments and metadata]. In this scenario Cellosign will deliver the signed document and metadata to admins in order to be archived manually.

We are constantly improving our visibility on failures and this feature is planned to be improved in every new release .

To configure admins to receive error notifications you will need organization or project manager privilege.

Log into Cellosign, on the left tool bar click projects and enter email(s) in field “Send logs and errors to this address” on “Messages” tab

We advise to add at least one recipient

Inline ticket submission

We have incorporated a ticket form within the application. Ticket can be submitted from two locations in the application:

1. At the bottom of the leftmost toolbar, click the headset icon
2. In transaction board, toggle a transaction and click the headset icon

We will collect as much information as possible into the ticket including the reporter contact details and post it to our support team.

Clear field toggle button

New functionality added to enable inline clear button in form.

  1. Using this functionality requires opt-in per field (turn it on)
  2. Clear button is enabled only when edit permissions are granted

To turn on clear button enter into field configuration -> Values & Display tab and toggle on “Show clear button”

Old browsers deprecation notice

Cellosign is designed to provide clean and smooth user experience both for agents and remote clients. As part of our efforts, we have started a process of deprecating old browsers, first in line is IE11. [Specific notice for IE 11 published at April 18th].

We are planning to deprecate more browsers down the line. Heads up will be published in advance.

For a remote client we will display the view below that will enable the client to capture QR code that carry the url provided and also a click to copy into other browser.

Default Email provider

We are in process for replacing our email provider from Mailchimp to Sendgrid. Over the last month we have successfully deployed Sendgrid service on our per-production and lower grade environments. Sendgrid proven to be more reliable in delivery and tracking.

You may test the new mail provider on our per-production service on your convenient. The service will be rolled out to production altogether with this release.

Specifically In case emails from Cellosign are transported to you by an organization mail server (i.e. Exchange) please make sure emails are not blocked.

Certificate change

During the upgrade of this release we will also replace our outdated certificate which due to expire on June 24th. New certificate is already installed on our per-production service. Should you require a CA file to flush it onto your ends please contact our support at service@cellosign.com

Other changes and Fixes

  1. Templates listing is now ordered by Template name
  2. Added the ability to release user from lock where the Authentication system is remote such as in OKTA, Active Directory or Azure Ad
  3. Replaced SMS provider. we have deployed inforu as SMS provider which has been prove to be more timely and consistent service. The change is seamless and does not require any action on your end. you’re welcome
  4. Per WCGA 2.0 for accessibility best practice we have removed high contrast view and applied changes for better engagement on “Monochrome” view

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Notes for Release 4.1.83

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