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Client did not receive email or SMS. What to do?

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Emails and text messages in Cellosign are posted through 3rd party services. In case a message was posted successfully from Cellosign and acknowledged by the provider, you will see a green check next to to recipient address in the transaction board. Green check means that message has been provider has accepted Cellosign request for posting a message to the recipient. We do not have the visibility if messages actually delivered to recipient or has been blocked somewhere on delivery.

Message block may occur for any number of reasons, such as, Phone that has no permit for text messages, company email that may receive message from known source.

In case your organization requires a complete visibility on messages delivery it is advised that you will integrate with service providers to gain access to full transaction trail. Please see SMTP and SMS integrations to connect with your provider

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Client did not receive email or SMS. What to do?

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