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Security first

Regardless if you are using Cellosign builtin login or your organization Single Sign On application, keep your password safe:

  1. Do not use passwords or tokens that were not granted to you. This is strictly prohibited
  2. Do not leave notes with password on your desk
  3. Keep your password easy to remember and hard to guess
  4. If you have a slight suspicious that something is wrong, logout immediately, report your manager and Cellosign support for immediate response

Testing new business processes

It is recommended that new or changes to existing business processes will be carried out at pre-production environment rather than production. This will help you to develop the process in a secured and controlled environment with no client access and no disruption to production environment.

Every type of business process and it’s related meta data can be easily exported from pre-production and uploaded to production when testes are completed.

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  • Eh Jewel

    October 13, 2020

    Note that get_the_content doesn’t return the same thing as what the_content displays. For that you need to do this:

    $content = apply_filters( \'the_content\', get_the_content() );
    echo $content;
    • Demo User

      October 13, 2020

      If you are wanting to check if a custom (non core block) is for a page or post, include the namespace/name-of-block:

      if ( has_block( \'my-namespace/block-name\' ) ) {
       // Do stuff here.
  • Eh Jewel

    October 13, 2020
    // Note: does not support arrays
    if ( has_block( array( \'gallery\', \'button\' ) ) ) {
        // error
    // Use || instead
    if ( has_block( \'gallery\' ) || has_block( \'button\' ) ) {
        // Do something.

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